LeonEdu will cease trading at the end of June 2024 and we are no longer accepting new business


Bespoke Solutions for Your Schools in Clusters

We believe in supporting schools to be designers of their own learning in their own communities with other schools. We will support you to create a leadership pathway for the development and enhancement of leadership reflection and practice within your schools.

The first element is to work with you as the senior teams and get into dialogue regarding leadership philosophy and practice. This helps greater sustainability as a shared language develops regarding leadership. 

The second element is to co-deliver programmes for middle and aspiring leaders within your schools in a collaborative process.

Lastly to develop a number of internal facilitators so sustainability is maintained within the school.This will enhance your own internal CPD provision. 

Team Coaching Engagements

Team Coaching has been shown to have significant impact in organisations, facilitating great team cohesion, understanding and an improvement in skills and knowledge. In our busy professional lives, teams often don’t have enough time or space to work on the important aspects of the team itself. They often lack clarity about purpose, plan and roles and all this impacts on performance. As coaches, we co-create a space for effective dialogue and work on these important dimensions of team effectiveness.

“As an SLT, we are now working more coherently and supporting and complementing one another in a more planned way. LeonEdu are delivering a form of CPD that I haven’t seen before in Northern Ireland education.”
Post Primary