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We are Leon Edu

LeonEdu provides training and coaching for Principals, Teachers and School Staff.

The LeonEdu Team are highly skilled and experienced facilitators who are committed to change, excellence, learning and growth.

Our bespoke CPD training and coaching programmes include Training Workshops on a number of key themes:

All of these things will have a direct impact on your personal effectiveness and you will expect to see immediate results.

We also design and deliver Senior Leadership Development Programmes, Middle Leadership Training Programmes and a ‘Leader as Coach’ Programme (accredited by the Association for Coaching).

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LeonEdu believes in developing self-sustainable models of learning and development with the focus of improvement along with an in-house expertise so that school staff develop their own expertise.

Wellbeing in the workplace to help people thrive and deliver results.

The theme of wellbeing runs through all of our work. We believe people create the most value when they are psychologically safe, healthy, happy, and when their work carries the right blend of support and challenge.

Wellbeing in the workplace with Leon Edu

Coaching and mentoring from experienced professionals

The LeonEdu Team brings a wealth of experience, having worked inside and outside of the education sector. Highly skilled and experience facilitators who are committed to change, excellence, learning and growth.

They have been involved in designing and delivering training for teachers and principals through school-based workshops, public courses and coaching assignments with school leadership teams over many years.

John Hill

John co-founded LeonEdu in 2016. John specialises in executive coaching, leadership training and building psychological capital. His interest and passion lies in helping others acquire thinking skills that will serve to help them perform better at their work and underpin an approach to life and work that is healthy, empowering and useful.​

Nichola Lynagh

Nichola has over 20 years experience within the education system. This included responsibility for developing training and coaching interventions (both accredited and non-accredited programmes) for a range of audiences within all levels of leadership in the schooling system. Nichola is driven by her passion for creating environments where groups of people do extraordinary things.

Janette Tweed

Janette has 30 years’ experience in education, working as a teacher in the post-primary sector and carrying out middle and senior leadership roles in the areas of SEN, Pastoral Care and Literacy. She has led capacity building initiatives in each of these areas and has a strong commitment to staff and pupil wellbeing in schools.

What LeonEdu does

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If Leadership is about developing emotional intelligence and inspiring self-reflective professional development to support those in critical strategic positions in your school, the 'Leader as Coach' course from Leon Edu is a game-changer. Highly recommended.
Challenging, exhausting, hard work, wanted to bury my head in the sand to stop the buzzing at the end of each session as I drove home. Also, the only CPD course I have completed in years to really stop me in my tracks, think about how I was doing things, and significantly have a positive impact my professional practice. Brilliant.
Michael Houston
Leader as Coach. This is a brilliant course that I would highly recommend. I had 4 amazing days on this course and have taken much of what I have learnt into the work place. The facilitators, course material and approach is highly effective in actively engaging in developing the knowledge and skills to be an effective coach. The follow up support is excellent! It is a vital course for anyone within a leadership role within their workplace.
Andrew Robinson
The most important thing I have learnt in a long time- listen with the intent to understand, and not with the intent to respond. Words to live by!
Samantha Caldwell
There has never been a time of such significant change and challenge for school staff. Many are struggling to manage their personal life, family life and work life, often finding themselves managing very difficult situations and in need of a safe space to share what is going on.
The Leader as Coach training has been my 'go to' when helping staff to manage the issues they face. The training has helped me to be a better active listener and has given me the tools to provide structure with effective questioning techniques to help my staff create their own meaningful and engaging conclusions.
R Massey
As a SLT, we are now working more coherently and supporting and complementing one another in a more planned way.
LeonEdu are delivering a form of CPD that I haven't seen before in NI education, which focusses on developing teams through the development of the individual members.
The LeonEdu team bring with them a wealth of experience from outside of the education sector and make it relevant to the educational setting.
Eric Thompson
I would fully recommend the Leader as Coach course to anyone who wants to become a more reflective leader and get more from their teams. I have seen the development of my confidence, communication skills, empathy and awareness, which has directly impacted the relationships I have with the teams and individuals I lead.
I have been better equipped to question and encourage others, to build their leadership capacity and ultimately draw people together. If you are considering this course; don’t hesitate!
Alix Jackson

Leader as Coach

Our next Leader as Coach Programme will begin in May 2024.

Facilitated by our own accredited executive coaches, it comprises of a combined with personal study and coaching practice. This will challenge your ways of thinking about developing the people in your organisation and set you on your journey to becoming a coaching leader.

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