Trauma Informed Conversations for Trauma Affected Communities

Trauma Informed Conversations for Trauma Affected Communities

1. Help me make sense of the world – understanding the impact of trauma on brain development.

2. Using visual metaphors to respond to stress and trauma.

Building Trauma Sensitive Schools

You will find here a useful booklet that has been released by the National Centre on Safe and Supported Learning Environments in the United States.

It will give you a good framework and guidelines to plan your trauma informed approach. It is offered without prejudice and with full recognition of the originator.


School reopening: 9 wellbeing issues to consider Educational psychologist Emma Martin offers a checklist of the fundamental wellbeing issues that returning to school will bring to the fore.

Barry Carpenter links on the concept of planning for a Recovery Curriculum

Karen Triesman’s – (Trauma Expert) website and resources for work with young people

Health and social services links to their material on Adverse Childhood experiences

Links for resources on working with young people whilst being informed on mental health.